Heavy Duty Tilt Style Wood Deck Platform Truck


Efficient material handling is crucial for any industrial or commercial setting. Introducing our Heavy Duty Wood Deck Tilt Style Platform Truck, a robust and versatile solution designed to streamline your operations and optimize productivity. With its innovative tilt-style design, this platform truck offers exceptional maneuverability and enhanced load containment, making it the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications. Discover the numerous benefits of our platform truck below:

Maximized Maneuverability:

  • Tilt-Style Diamond Pattern Wheel Arrangement: The unique tilt-style design, combined with a diamond pattern wheel arrangement, allows for exceptional maneuverability. Navigating through tight spaces and crowded areas becomes effortless, saving you time and effort.

Secure Load Containment:

  • Four Hardwood Stakes: Equipped with four hardwood stakes, this platform truck provides reliable load containment. The stakes not only keep your cargo securely in place during transport but also serve as practical push handles, ensuring better control and ergonomics.

Durability and Stability:

  • Bolt-On Cast Steel Stake Pockets: The bolt-on cast steel stake pockets offer unparalleled durability and stability. They provide robust attachment points for the stakes, ensuring that your platform truck can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use.

Product Features:

  • Swivel Bolt-On Industrial Grade Casters: Two swivel bolt-on casters enable smooth and effortless movement, even on rugged terrains. These casters are built to withstand demanding conditions and provide optimal mobility.
  • Large Diameter Center Mounted Load Wheels: The platform truck is equipped with two large diameter load wheels mounted at the center, offering additional strength and maneuverability. These wheels excel in handling heavy loads, ensuring stability throughout the transportation process.

Invest in our Heavy Duty Wood Deck Tilt Style Platform Truck and experience a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in material handling. Designed to meet the demands of industrial environments, this platform truck offers superior maneuverability, secure load containment, and unmatched durability. With its exceptional features and rugged construction, it will become an invaluable asset to your operations, boosting productivity and simplifying your material handling tasks.

Product Variations

1500 lb Capacity

Deck Size (in.) Deck Type Deck Height (in.) Total Weight
24x48 Hardwood 14.5 180
27x54 Hardwood 14.5 200
30x60 Hardwood 14.5 215
36x72 Hardwood 14.5 255

2000 lb Capacity

Deck Size (in.) Deck Type Deck Height (in.) Total Weight
24x48 Hardwood 16.5 195
27x54 Hardwood 16.5 215
30x60 Hardwood 16.5 235
36x72 Hardwood 16.5 270

3000 lb Capacity

Deck Size (in.) Deck Type Deck Height (in.) Total Weight
30x60 Hardwood 19.5 285
36x72 Hardwood 19.5 320

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