The Right Industrial Cart for Your Material Handling Operation

Discover how to pick an industrial cart or heavy-duty utility cart that has the right features to maximize the efficiency of your material handling facility.

In today’s fast-paced industrial environment, ensuring the efficient and safe movement of materials and equipment within your facilities is more important than ever. Industrial carts are a great tool to help.

Industrial carts, which can range from heavy-duty models capable of handling large loads to lightweight designs that are easy to maneuver, offer a variety of customizable features, allowing them to be tailored to suit nearly any application.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the advantages of industrial carts and how to choose the right cart for your specific material handling operations.

Advantages of Industrial Carts

Industrial carts provide a versatile solution for material handling. They can handle heavy loads, making them suitable for transporting large equipment or items. Swivel casters also offer easy maneuverability, making them optimal for navigating tight corners, hallways, and obstacles. By investing in industrial carts, businesses can streamline operations, reduce workplace injuries, and keep their facilities better organized.

What Are Industrial Rolling Carts Used For?

Industrial carts are used across a wide variety of industries to improve material handling, organization, and safety. Some common applications include:


Industrial carts are often used in manufacturing facilities to move materials and equipment through the production process.

Warehousing and Distribution

These utility carts are also commonly used in warehousing and distribution facilities to move products and supplies between different areas of the facility and reduce forklift traffic.


In healthcare settings, industrial carts can transport medical equipment and supplies in hospitals and clinics.


Hotels often use industrial carts to move linens, cleaning supplies, and other items throughout the property.


Retail stores use industrial carts to move merchandise and supplies between the stockroom and the sales floor.

Food Service

Restaurants and other food service establishments use industrial carts to transport food, dishes, and utensils around prep areas.

Educational Institutions

Schools and universities use industrial carts to move books, supplies, and other materials between classrooms, libraries, and other areas of the campus.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Utility Cart

Depending on their intended use, industrial carts feature different configurations, caster types, and weight capacities, making them highly versatile tools for various applications.

When deciding on which industrial cart is suitable for your operation, here are some crucial factors to consider:

Load Capacity

Make sure the cart you choose can accommodate the weight and shape of the materials you frequently transport or store. Consider whether you will need multiple shelves, locking mechanisms, lipped edges, or any other special features to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of materials and goods throughout your facility.

Facility Space

If your facility features tight corners or hallways, consider the maneuverability of the carts you choose to employ. Be sure to select a model that can accommodate your space.

Wheel Type

If you’re selecting an industrial cart on wheels, you should first assess the terrain in which you will be using your carts to make sure you choose the right wheels for the job.

Wheels are typically made of rubber, polyurethane, phenolic, or another heavy-duty material, depending on the surface they frequently traverse.

Pneumatic caster wheels are great for outdoor use or use on uneven surfaces, while hard rubber or polyurethane wheels are ideal for smooth surfaces.

Ergonomic Features

Look for carts that have ergonomic features like adjustable handles, swivel casters, comfortable grips, and other features that can help reduce strain and fatigue for your workers.


Ensure the cart you choose has a warranty covering any potential defects or issues.

Types of Industrial Carts

Service Carts

Service carts are designed for use in commercial and institutional settings. They are typically made from stainless steel or other durable materials, making them corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. Service carts often have multiple shelves, allowing them to carry a variety of items at once. Many service carts also have swivel casters, which make them easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

Platform Cart

Platform trucks are designed for transporting heavy loads. They typically feature a flat platform with four wheels and are often used to move items like boxes, furniture, and equipment. These heavy-duty utility carts are available in a variety of sizes and weight capacities, allowing them to be used in a range of applications.

Nutting Platform Truck
Wooden Deck Platform Truck by Nutting

Stock Carts

Stock carts are designed for use in warehouses and other industrial settings. They often have multiple shelves or storage bins, allowing for efficient organization and transport of goods. Many stock carts are also equipped with pneumatic casters, enabling them to easily move heavy loads across uneven surfaces.

Instrument Carts

Designed with the unique needs of healthcare and laboratory settings in mind, instrument carts provide a secure and stable means of transporting medical or laboratory equipment. Instrument carts often have swivel casters, allowing easy movement and positioning.

Plastic Utility Carts

Plastic utility carts are lightweight, easy to clean, and corrosion-resistant. They are often used in food service, healthcare, and educational settings and can transport various items such as food, supplies, and equipment. Many plastic utility carts have top shelves and bottom shelves, allowing for efficient organization.


Dollies are typically low-profile carts designed to move heavy objects or equipment across a flat surface. Some dollies are designed to be used in conjunction with forklifts or other lifting equipment, while others can be used by hand.

Shelf Utility Carts

Shelf utility carts are designed with multiple shelves and are often used in food service, hospitality, and healthcare settings to store and transport supplies, tools, and equipment. The lipped shelves on these carts are usually adjustable, which allows users to customize the cart.

Shelf Cart
Steel Shelf Cart by Nutting

Rack Carts

Rack carts feature wire or mesh racks and are often used in industrial settings, including warehouses and factories. Their racks can be customized to accommodate specific storage needs.

Storage Carts

Storage carts are designed with drawers, compartments, and/or storage shelves and often feature a locking mechanism for secure mobile storage of sensitive items. They are commonly used in healthcare and laboratory settings to store and transport medical supplies, equipment, or samples.

Flat-Top Carts

Flat-top carts are often used in industrial settings to transport large or bulky items, such as boxes, equipment, or machinery. Flat-top carts with side rails, lipped edges, and other accessories can be customized to prevent items from falling off during transport.

U-Boat Carts

U-Boat carts are designed with a U-shaped platform and are often used in retail settings. The U-shaped design of these carts allows them to be easily maneuvered in tight spaces, making them useful for restocking shelves in crowded retail environments.

Tilt Trucks

Tilt trucks feature a tilting mechanism that lets users quickly offload the cart’s contents into a larger receptacle, making them a popular choice for material handling applications in various industries.

When selecting an industrial cart, it’s essential to consider factors like weight capacity, maneuverability, and wheel type to ensure that the cart will meet your specific needs, helping to streamline your operations, increase productivity, and create a safer and more organized work environment.


To learn more about Nutting’s range of customizable industrial carts, contact our team today.

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