Productivity Freedom with the Nutting Adjustable Shelf Cart

Nutting adjustable shelf cart is manufactured to give you the flexibility you need in your warehouse.

Take your productivity to the next level with Nutting Adjustable Shelf Trailers. The adjustable shelves make transporting and managing materials easier than ever before. With various sizes and capacities to choose from, you have total control of customization for any size product or load. You can quickly and intuitively adjust your shelf height as needed to maximize efficiency.

The shelves eliminate the need for stacking products so you never have to worry about running into limitations — you can get the job done faster, while avoiding injury risks associated with manual handling of heavy goods. Plus, they’re lightweight yet durable enough to handle long-term use in even the toughest working environments.

This featured product is set up with fifth wheel steering, but is available in many different steering options. 

Customizable options include:

  • Dimensions
  • Capacity
  • Deck material
  • Casters/wheels

Don’t let your workflow slow down; speed it up with Nutting Shelf Trailers. Reach out today to learn more about how we can meet your needs!

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