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Nutting Tugger Carts in Warehouse

Have you been looking for ways to maximize efficiency and optimize operations? If so, then a tugger cart may be the supply chain solution you’ve been searching for. Tugger carts provide warehouses with an invaluable service – transporting materials throughout the facility quickly, safely, securely & reliably.

Implementing this type of equipment into your workflow can make a massive difference in the efficiency of your operation. It can help eliminate wasted time walking or transporting goods from one area to another. It also provides operators with quick access to inventory and supplies whenever needed. There’s no doubt that this is beneficial.

What is a tugger cart, and how can it help your operations

A material handling tugger cart is a piece of warehouse equipment that can move material quickly and efficiently throughout your facility. This type of vehicle is usually designed for use with an electric tugger. It can carry a range of materials, from heavy items like coils and pallets to smaller containers and packages. The tugger cart can improve warehouse material flow by decreasing time, travel, and labor costs and reducing inventory damage.

A tugger cart is an excellent tool for quickly transporting material. It has a stable handling and compact design, so no extra people or machinery are needed. Point A to B can be easily covered. A tugger cart can help lower overhead expenses while ensuring operations are conducted safely.

Nutting Tugger Carts used in manufacturing and distribution warehouses

Key features to look for in a quality tugger cart

Several key features must be considered when shopping for a quality tugger cart. High-grade steel and aluminum components provide the strength and durability to withstand frequent use in demanding industrial settings.

Robust construction with steel frames is a crucial component to look for in a cart. This construction should be able to support heavy loads. Depending on the surface, it should remain mobile, even on steel swivel casters and various types of tires. When these features come together, you get an ideal tugger cart for your business needs.

Choose products made in the USA. They come from experienced manufacturers. You can be confident they are of superior quality compared to other products. These items have undergone rigorous testing and inspections to meet the highest performance and durability standards. 

Nutting is located in Watertown, SD and is proud to manufacture all equipment in the USA.

Products made in the USA often use superior materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure long-term reliability, safety, and strength. Additionally, these items usually come with generous warranties to provide peace of mind for buyers. Working with established domestic manufacturers also ensures stringent environmental regulations are followed and helps support local communities.

Determining the right size tugger cart for your business needs

The right size tugger cart can make a massive difference to your business’s material handling operations’ productivity, efficiency, and safety. Choosing the right tugger cart for you can be difficult. There are many options available on the market. Consider your needs carefully before making a decision.

The turning radius and aisle width your business requires are essential considerations in this decision process. An experienced Nutting sales team member can assist you. They can help you find the perfect tugger cart size for your operations. Additionally, they can create a custom solution tailored to your needs.

How to properly maintain your tugger cart to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity

Taking proper care of your tugger cart is essential for ensuring it offers the best performance, day in and day out. Regular maintenance for material carts helps extend their lifespan and prevent malfunctions due to corrosion or other mechanical issues. Regular cleaning and lubricating should be carried out every week when necessary.

Casters, wheels, drive systems, and electrical components should be inspected regularly to ensure they function correctly. When necessary, parts such as wheels should be replaced or repaired. Following these steps can help keep your cart safe. This will also maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

Let the experts at Nutting help you


Implementing a material handling cart system is an effective solution. It is an efficient way to move materials around a workspace and is cost effective. Tugger carts are an excellent asset for organizing production runs and can make transporting items quick and safe.

Consider essential features when exploring the right cart size for your business needs. These features include an ergonomic design, various hitch types, a center of gravity, and easy maneuvering. Nutting makes finding the right tugger cart easy from our wide selection of custom solutions. Call Nutting today to learn how we can build the perfect tugger cart and help meet all your material transport needs.


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