How Custom Material Handling Carts Optimize Warehouse Workflow

Custom material handling carts provide a flexible solution for material handling, reduce manual labor, add functionality, and improve safety and workflow.

Our material handling carts and trailers are designed and manufactured to optimize the workflow of your material handling operations and are tailored to the unique functions of your facility. Features like locking mechanisms, quad steering, heavy-duty material design, and casters that can handle rough terrain or glide across smooth surfaces ensure your carts and trailers do everything you need them to do and nothing that you don’t. Unlike standard material handling carts, our custom-designed carts are not mass-produced. Instead, our carts and trailers are made-to-order based on the specific needs of your material handling operation.

Custom Material Handling Carts Optimize Workflow

The main functions of custom industrial carts are to transport, store, organize, and handle materials. A well-designed custom cart can make operations safer, easier, and more efficient.


Material handling carts transport goods from one location to another within a facility. Well-designed carts can help reduce wasted time and energy during transportation. By taking maneuverability needs into account, our carts can take the most direct and efficient path possible.


Industrial carts can serve as temporary storage solutions for large or bulky items that may not fit on standard shelving units.


Carts can be used to categorize materials. With simple tools like loading plans, cart color coordination, and warehouse zoning charts, custom carts can help make locating items quick and easy.


Carts can be designed to handle specific load types, including drums, pallets, wind turbine blades, and other oversized loads that may not fit on a standard cart. A well-designed cart can help keep fragile loads safe, all while reducing the chances of overexertion and falling object injuries to your warehouse staff.

Advantages of Custom Industrial Carts

With so many stock cart options available, you may wonder what you gain from investing in a custom design. Here are just a handful of reasons why custom carts may be a better fit for your industrial material handling processes:

Increased efficiency

Custom carts are designed to improve the flow of materials, reducing bottlenecks and improving the overall efficiency of your material handling workflows. With your employees spending less time manually transporting materials or dealing with equipment not built for your space, they’ll be able to focus on other tasks that often get overlooked.

Enhanced Safety

Depending on the operation, custom material handling carts may significantly reduce the need for manual handling and/or forklift traffic in the workplace. They can be ergonomically designed with workstations in mind to minimize overexertion and repetitive stress injuries. They can also include safety features like wide wheels or stabilizing legs to prevent spills and accidents during transportation.

Increased durability

By working with a trusted manufacturer like Nutting Carts and Trailers and specifying high-quality materials like heavy-duty steel, you can ensure that your custom cart is built to last. In addition, custom material handling carts can be designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements, such as heavy-duty use or harsh weather conditions. You can also request durability features specific to your operation, such as reinforced corners, reinforced handles, or additional supports.

Reduced Downtime

Custom industrial carts can be designed for easy maintenance, reducing downtime and the need for costly repair service calls.

Order Picker Cage Cart with Adjustable Shelves

Nutting provides approval drawings and blue prints with every custom order.

Design Considerations for Custom Material Handling Carts

Size and capacity

The cart should be able to handle the weight of the materials being transported and be designed to ensure stability to avoid tipping. Size is also important as it impacts maneuverability, storage space, and the types of loads it can handle.


Custom carts can be designed with ergonomic features like contoured handles, adjustable height, swivel casters for easier maneuverability, and more.

By designing material handling equipment with ergonomics in mind, you can help reduce the risk of injury and the need for repetitive motion, which can lead to increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, and higher employee satisfaction.

Wheel type

The wheels you choose should reflect the terrain your carts will navigate. Poly wheels are great for smooth indoor surfaces, while pneumatic wheels are required for rough or uneven surfaces like gravel.


The cart should be manufactured with high-quality materials and components specific to the conditions of your material handling operation.

Ease of use 

Custom carts are designed to be easy to use, reducing the need for extensive training, special licensing, or complicated instructions.

Industries that Benefit From Custom Material Handling Solutions

Custom material handling carts are widely used in many industries, providing a flexible and efficient solution for transporting goods and materials, reducing manual labor, and improving safety and productivity. Here are a few common applications:


Custom material handling carts are commonly used in manufacturing facilities to transport raw materials, finished products, and components from one area to another.

Warehousing and Distribution

Custom industrial carts are used in warehouses and distribution centers to transport goods, packages, and pallets, improving efficiency and reducing the need for manual labor.


Custom carts and dollies are used in construction sites to safely transport materials, tools, and equipment from one area to another.


Utility carts are used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to transport medical supplies, equipment, and patient belongings.


Custom material handling carts are often used in the aerospace industry for transporting materials, components, and finished products. These carts are designed to accommodate specialized tooling and equipment and conform to particular safety regulations.


These carts can be designed to carry large and heavy automotive parts, provide efficient and organized storage and handling solutions, and optimize lineside delivery for a safe and productive workflow.

Common Types of Custom Material Handling Carts

And more! With custom solutions, the options are endless.

At Nutting, our team of experts is ready to help you design the perfect custom material handling solution for your unique operations. Contact us today to learn more.


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