48×96 Caster Steer Tugger Cart – 2,000 lb Capacity

Boost the efficiency of your warehouse, manufacturing, or industrial environments with our robust and easy-to-maneuver 48×96 Caster Steer Tugger Cart. With a high load capacity and exceptional steerability, this tugger cart streamlines your operations by seamlessly transporting loads across your facilities.

Superior Mobility and Control

  • The caster steer design ensures exceptional control, allowing the cart to navigate narrow aisles and tight corners with ease.
  • A choice between WC1-Rubber and WC3-Poly wheels allows for adaptability to varying floor conditions, enhancing mobility and reducing wear and tear.

High Load Capacity

  • Built to handle heavy tasks, the cart boasts a 2000 lb capacity, enabling efficient transportation of heavy loads without compromising on stability or safety.
  • The cart’s generous 48×96 size provides ample space for diverse material handling needs, further increasing your operation’s efficiency.

Customizable to Your Needs

  • With an optional Auto Coupler hitch type, the cart can easily be hooked up and detached, enhancing convenience and productivity.
  • The superstructure options include a Bare design for simple, straightforward operations and a Push Handle for enhanced control and ease of maneuvering, allowing you to customize the cart to suit your unique needs.

Product Features

  • Caster Steer design for superior maneuverability
  • High load capacity of 2000 lbs for heavy-duty tasks
  • Wheel Type options: WC1-Rubber or WC3-Poly
  • Auto Coupler hitch type for easy coupling and uncoupling
  • Superstructure options: Bare or with a Push Handle

Investing in our 48×96 Caster Steer Tugger Cart will augment your operation’s efficiency and ensure a safer and smoother transportation experience. Customize your cart with the wheel type, hitch, and superstructure that best meet your needs, and experience the benefits of streamlined operations.

Product Variations

Hitch TypeWheel TypeSuperstructure
Auto CouplerWC1-RubberBare
Auto CouplerWC1-RubberPush Handle
Auto CouplerWC3-PolyurethaneBare
Auto CouplerWC3-PolyurethanePush Handle

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