48×96 5th Wheel Quad Steer Tugger Cart – 4,000 LB Capacity


When efficiency and reliability are key factors in your material handling operations, the 48 x 96 Quad Steering Industrial Trailer comes in as a game-changer. Built for the tough demands of heavy-duty transportation tasks, this sturdy cart with an impressive 4000 lbs capacity ensures safety, durability, and ease of use. Navigating tight turns and narrow passages becomes effortless with the innovative quad steer mechanism, which also minimizes tire wear and long-term maintenance costs.

Exceptional Maneuverability

  • Innovative Quad Steer Technology: Navigate through tight corners and narrow aisles with ease, while simultaneously reducing tire wear.
  • 4000 lbs Load Capacity: Robust construction, perfect for heavy-duty tasks in various environments.

Adaptable to Your Needs

  • Versatile Wheel Options: Choose between Polyurethane or Solid Pneumatic wheels based on your operational conditions. Polyurethane wheels offer durability on smooth surfaces, while Solid Pneumatic wheels adapt well to rough terrains, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Customizable Hitch Type: With options of Pin & Clevis or Pintle hitch, this cart provides the flexibility to match your specific towing setups.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

  • Spacious Design: The expansive 48×96 size offers ample space to accommodate large or multiple items, streamlining your material handling process.
  • Optimal Load Distribution: The quad steer design ensures even load distribution, reducing strain on your towing vehicle and increasing its lifespan.

Product Features

  • 48×96, providing ample space for diverse material handling tasks.
  • Quad steer technology, offering superior maneuverability and longevity.
  • 4000 lbs load capacity, perfect for heavy-duty material handling.
  • Options of Polyurethane or Solid Pneumatic, adaptable to various operating conditions.
  • Options of Pin & Clevis or Pintle, customizable to meet specific towing requirements.

Transform your material handling operations into a seamless experience with the 48 x 96 Quad Steering Industrial Trailer. Choose the right combination of hitch type and wheel option, and take your efficiency and productivity to new height

Product Variations

Hitch Type Wheel Type
Pin & Clevis WC3-Polyurethane
Pin & Clevis WK9-Solid Pneumatic
Pintle WC3-Polyurethane
Pintle WK9-Solid Pneumatic

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