42×48 Order Picker Platform Cart – 2,000 lb. Capacity


Effortlessly enhance your warehouse and distribution center operations with our advanced 42×48 Order Picker Platform Cart. Designed to optimize efficiency and productivity, this cart is built to withstand heavy-duty demands while providing exceptional functionality with electric order pickers. With a generous 2000 lb capacity, it empowers your team to efficiently transport goods and materials, saving valuable time and energy. Explore the benefits of this remarkable cart below.

Streamlined Order Picking

Increase productivity and expedite order fulfillment with the 42×48 Order Picker Platform Cart. Its spacious dimensions allow for the easy organization and transport of goods, enabling seamless order picking processes.

Reliable Load Capacity

With a robust 2000 lb capacity, this cart ensures safe and efficient transportation of heavy loads. You can confidently move sizable quantities of inventory or equipment, reducing the number of trips and minimizing downtime.

Electric Order Picker Compatibility

Designed to work harmoniously with electric order pickers, this cart enhances the efficiency of your warehouse and distribution center operations. Seamlessly integrate the cart with your existing equipment for seamless material handling and improved workflow.

Product Features:

  • Size: 42×48 platform offers ample space for transporting goods and materials efficiently.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Wheel Options: Choose between WC1-Rubber or WC3-Poly wheels based on your specific requirements. Each option provides reliable traction and maneuverability on different surfaces.
  • Superstructure Options: Customize the cart to suit your needs with a Bare platform, Push Handle, or Tri-Form Shelves. Tailor the cart to accommodate different cargo types and enhance transportation convenience.

Efficient, versatile, and built to handle demanding tasks, our 42×48 Order Picker Platform Cart revolutionizes your material handling processes. Experience the seamless integration with electric order pickers and enjoy the benefits of increased productivity, improved workflow, and streamlined operations. Invest in this reliable solution and increase your warehouse and distribution center efficiency.

Product Variations

Wheel Type Superstructure
WC3-Polyurethane Bare
WC3-Polyurethane Tri-Form with Shelves
WC3-Polyurethane Push Handle
WC1-Rubber Bare
WC1-Rubber Tri-Form with Shelves
WC1-Rubber Push Handle

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