36×72 Caster Steer Tugger Cart – 2,000 lb Capacity


Elevate your material handling efficiency with our premium 36×72 Caster Steer Tugger Cart. Built to cater to the most demanding environments, this robust cart boasts a remarkable 2000 lb capacity. It is customizable, versatile, and designed to meet your specific industrial needs with various wheel types and hitch options available.

Smooth and Easy Caster Steer Navigation

  • Superior Caster Steering: Our Caster Steer Tugger Cart is engineered to ensure smooth navigation even in narrow aisles or tight turns, providing you the freedom to maneuver efficiently.
  • Versatile Wheel Options: You can choose between WC1-Rubber wheels for excellent grip and shock absorption, and WC3-Poly wheels for high load capacity and resistance to wear and tear.

Robust Capacity and Versatility

  • Impressive Load Capacity: With a hefty 2000 lb capacity, this cart can handle heavy-duty material handling tasks with ease, improving your operational productivity.
  • Optional Superstructure: Adapt the cart to your specific needs. Choose the ‘Bare’ option for a minimalistic, lightweight design or opt for the ‘Push Handle’ for added convenience and control.

Efficient and Customizable Hitching

  • Auto Coupler Hitch: This tugger cart comes with an Auto Coupler hitch, allowing easy and secure connection with your towing vehicle, ensuring a safe and efficient material handling operation.

Product Features

  • 36×72 size: Offers ample space for diverse material handling needs.
  • Caster steering: Enables smooth maneuverability in various conditions.
  • 2000 lb load capacity: Suitable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Wheel options: WC1-Rubber or WC3-Poly, catering to different operating environments.
  • Hitch type: Auto Coupler, for reliable and efficient towing.
  • Superstructure options: Bare or Push Handle, for customization to your specific requirements.

Product Variations

Hitch Type Wheel Type Superstructure
Auto Coupler WC1-Rubber Bare
Auto Coupler WC1-Rubber Push Handle
Auto Coupler WC3-Polyurethane Bare
Auto Coupler WC3-Polyurethane Push Handle

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