36×72 5th Wheel Dual Steer Tugger Cart – 2,000 lb Capacity


This heavy duty industrial tugger cart was designed to revolutionize your material handling operations. With its robust 36xz72 deck, impressive weight capacity, and versatile features, this cart is the perfect solution for efficient transportation in industrial settings. Let’s explore the key benefits and features that make this tugger cart a valuable asset for your business.

Enhanced Maneuverability

  • Single 5th wheel steer design enables precise navigation in tight spaces
  • Effortless turning and smooth movement for improved control
  • Maneuver with ease around corners and obstacles

Heavy-Duty Performance

  • Spacious 36×72 dimensions provide ample room for transporting goods
  • Remarkable 2,000 lb weight capacity for handling heavy loads
  • Sturdy construction ensures reliable support and durability

Versatile Hitch Options

  • Choose between Pin and Clevis or Pintle hitch type to suit your towing equipment
  • Secure connection for safe and hassle-free towing
  • Adapt to various applications and towing requirements

Product Features:

  • Durable wheels available in different types:

    • Polyurethane wheels offer exceptional load-bearing capacity and longevity
    • Solid Pneumatic wheels provide enhanced shock absorption for rough terrain
    • Rubber wheels offer a balance of grip, maneuverability, and shock absorption
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures stability and longevity

  • Efficient and controlled movement with the single 5th wheel steer design

  • Ample space with 36×72 dimensions for accommodating large loads

  • Impressive 2,000 lb weight capacity for handling heavy materials

  • Versatile hitch options – Pin and Clevis or Pintle – for secure towing

  • Customizable wheel types – Polyurethane, Solid Pneumatic, or Rubber – to suit various surfaces and environments

Experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability with our Industrial Tugger Cart. Its maneuverability, heavy-duty performance, and versatile features make it the ideal choice for transporting goods in industrial environments. Streamline your material handling operations and elevate productivity with this exceptional tugger cart.

Product Variations – 2,000 lb Capacity

Tugger Cart Information
Hitch Type Wheel Type
Pin & Clevis WC1-Rubber
Pin & Clevis WC3-Polyurethane
Pin & Clevis WK9-Solid Pneumatic
Pintle WC1-Rubber
Pintle WC3-Polyurethane
Pintle WK9-Solid Pneumatic

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