Supercharge Safety and Efficiency with Nutting Carts & MasterMover Electric Tuggers

Carts enable industrial manufacturers to benefit from improved operational efficiency and greater flexibility. Nutting carts and trailers’ flexibility is integral to meeting demand in various industries and maximizing efficiency. However, recognizing the need to combine dependable industrial carts with safe material handling equipment, we’ve expanded our product range to include MasterMover electric tuggers – machines specifically designed to move heavy-wheeled carts, supercharge efficiency, and improve safety.

What is an electric tugger?

Electric tuggers, also known as electric tow tuggers and powered tuggers, are battery-powered machines designed to move heavy loads such as raw materials, high-value equipment and other resources in industrial manufacturing environments.


Purpose-built to deliver the safe and controlled movement of heavy industrial loads weighing in excess of 66,000 lbs, electric tuggers are the perfect fit for businesses looking to streamline their material handling processes. 

Whether it’s in removing manual handling in the movement of loads, or in creating fork-free environments, powered tuggers enable manufacturers to improve safety and supercharge operational efficiency. 


Benefits of electric tuggers

 License-free operation

 Improve workplace safety

 Drive operational efficiency 

 Safe, secure connection to loads

 Maximum maneuverability 

 Zero emissions

How do electric tuggers work?

Electric tuggers are machines used to move heavy loads in warehouses and factories. Like electric vehicles, they operate on batteries that store energy and power the machine’s motor, allowing it to move. These batteries can be recharged using a cable, like charging a phone or laptop.


However, the battery power alone is insufficient for the tugger to move heavy loads. The machine also generates traction, the force that allows the wheels or tracks to grip the ground and move the load. This traction is critical to the movement of the electric tugger, which allows it to move such heavy weights.


The motor powers the wheels or tracks, and the traction allows the machine to grip the ground, move forward or backward, and turn and change direction. By combining battery power and traction, these machines can handle large loads and are essential to many industrial operations.

Nutting & MasterMover – The Perfect Connection

As an experienced supplier of custom industrial carts and trailers, we’ve built a solid reputation for quality and expertise. 


Businesses need flexible and efficient material handling processes and solutions that prioritize operator safety. Complementing our range of industrial carts with MasterMover’s electric tuggers allows our customers to benefit from a total material handling solution.


The SmartMover range of electric tuggers is ideal for moving wheeled loads weighing up to 4,400 lbs. Boasting a compact design, the range is ideally suited to working in congested or busy environments. The SmartMover range delivers complete control with secure hydraulic coupling options and ensures loads are moved safely and securely. 


The MasterTow range combines heavy-duty performance with total ease of use. Delivering the powerful movement of heavy loads weighing up to 44,000 lbs, the MasterTow range suits working in the most demanding environments. Connecting to even the heaviest loads with an easy-to-use pin hitch has never been easier.

How electric tuggers & Nutting tugger carts work together

Our range of industrial tugger carts are designed to work alongside MasterMover electric tuggers. Electric tuggers prioritize load security and safety, so you can rest easy knowing any hitch system will deliver complete control when moving a cart.

Whether you’re looking to implement a tugger train system and link multiple carts together or safely move heavy individual carts, electric tuggers guarantee the safe, secure, and efficient movement of wheeled loads. 

Don’t Let Electric Tuggers Be an Afterthought 

Our customers need safe, efficient, and simple material handling solutions to facilitate the movement of our industrial carts. Often, businesses invest in cart and dolly systems without considering how they will be moved. This can sometimes lead to the misuse of existing factory equipment to move the carts, resulting in the risk of accidents. Likewise, without the correct equipment designed to move wheeled carts, the benefits of maneuverability and flexibility of industrial carts can’t be realized. 

When investing in an industrial cart, whether that’s a single unit or an entire fleet, it’s important to consider how it will be moved early on in the process. This enables you to incorporate any required hitch or castor configuration into the design, ensuring any solution fully meets your requirements. 

The benefit of specifying electric tuggers at the beginning of your cart purchase is that you ensure complete compatibility with your cart and benefit from a solution that will get to work straight out of the box. 

Your partner of choice for total material handling solutions

Combining our industrial carts with MasterMover electric tuggers means you can benefit from a total intralogistics solution – even for loads weighing up to 44,000 lbs! 

Contact our Nutting Carts and Trailers team today to learn more about our electric tuggers and how they can benefit your business.